Working in harmony with your technique and propulsive power, our sleek cuts, precise lines and glove-like fit inspire complete racing confidence. They allow you to focus, prepare and do what you do best in the water, on the bike or on the track.

Hydro & Aerodynamic Forms

Every detail in our suits from full body form to fabric finishes have been examined to improve and control water and wind flow over the entire body. Our fabrics are 50% thinner than a classic charmeuse, it’s like a second skin. The result is improved form, reduced drag and maximised performance to help you achieve your fastest result yet. Ultra Chlorine and Sand Resistance

Our Fabric maintains its elastic quality even when attacked by chlorine thanks to its innovative construction and the use of Xtra Life LYCRA.

Additionally, you won’t find any annoying grains of sand between the fibers as this fabric has been made to keep the sand from getting stuck in your swimsuit.

Excellent Coverage & Shape Retention

Compact and covering fabric. Though featherweight and ultraflat, it provides outstanding coverage without running the risk of a see-through suit. Breathability & Cooling

Comfortable in every situation: the light yet durable fabric absorbs sweat and allows for its natural evaporation. Additionally, the new structure and the particular fibers used, provide exceptional sun protection: UPF 50+


Our garments are engineered to increase oxygen delivery to active muscles while in motion. They provide the correct level of surface pressure to specific parts of the body which enhances circulation and gets more vital oxygen to your active muscles – boosting your power, speed and stamina.

The result is… You go harder, for longer and recover faster!